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In earlier America, the American dollar was derived from an established amount of gold or silver based on the popular coin of colonial times -- the Spanish milled dollar. Paper receipts for gold and silver warehoused by private enterprises and private banks circulated in the first part of the 1800s. Before the Civil War, both private mint and government precious metal coins were in circulation together. The private mintage actually had a knack for containing a little more silver and gold. These are examples where the currency in America had physical limits on production and thus a natural rarity, true value and stability from an 'organic' base.

However, there were times in American history where the currency caused trouble and chaos. One was the Continental currency: a paper-only money printed during the Revolutionary War. States printing their own money contributed to the inflationary loss and economic hardship during and after those times. Then three national central banks successively rose and fell suffering the fraud, scandal and inflationary consequences of their paper monies. When the Civil War came about, paper money was issued which resulted in inflationary economic hardships that undoubtedly made reconstruction more difficult.

In other times, history has recorded the debasement arising from such paper money systems like Argentina's relatively recent banking crisis, pre-Nazi Germany, 18th Century France, the Russian Federation's ruble and from long ago the clad-metal debasement of Roman coinage which accompanied the empire's downfall.

Let us instead adhere to a system of exchange where the face value of the currency is much better proportioned by precious metals instead of using today's intrinsic low value notes riddled with national debt.

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.....Forget the Dollar

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So it appears that even with an accompanying explanation about the collective bankruptcy brought about by un-backed, debt-paper dollars -- circulating a particular bullion just will not catch on with the masses to prevent our dollar demise. This is not too surprising with the government and banking system's money monopoly having advantage in centralized mass production and convenience plus general ignorance and apathy of the populace. Despite selling wealthcommon rounds at a higher face value to prevent incentive of melting them down or due to that, we acquiesce to Gresham's Law.

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Phoenix Dollar 1 oz. bar

We note that cryptocurrencies have had some success though with periods of volatility. However, cryptocurrencies unlike tangible precious metals rely on having electricity, internet access and the infrastructures to transact. What if the lights go out or some authority can legally (or otherwise) impede or turn off the switch?

As no wealthcommons have been put into circulation, we are free to end this endeavor without obligations; however, the relevant parts of this webpage can remain as an illustration of the concepts with any necessary updates. It may be easier to attempt local alternative currencies to the Federal Reserve System as some have had temporary success.

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Though the dollar's downfall has still not come as anticipated, it cannot go on forever based on such high debt levels. Depending on economic trends, perhaps there is much more time to come or there is possibility of a turn-around if reforms are enacted. It may be the case that it will not go out with a bang but more of a whimper - just the constant slow devaluations over time until something replaces it. Hopefully the occurrence will be in such a way as for us to have plenty of time to prepare and to address lowering our debt levels. God speed good friends............

Ask Yourself About the Dollar and what was proposed as the Wealthcommon:

(1) Do you prefer an unbacked currency issued by a manipulative, private bank monopoly masquerading as an official government department whose notes accommodate the phony promises of bankrupting politicians who:

  • Gave us the paltry, failing Social Security system?
  • Waste and overspend government revenues?
  • Use trickery and deceit in their accounting and budget practices?
  • Flaunt corporate welfare and bailouts?
  • Created the punitive, convoluted income tax code, I.R.S. and the welfare state?


Would you prefer a currency dependent on precious metals?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

(2) Do you want to circulate a currency whose buying power falls long term due to inflation and its debt base?


Do you want to circulate a more stable currency whose buying power can rise -- especially in the bad times likely to come because of the national debt, our debased fiat reserve notes and government mismanagement of our economy?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

(3) Do you trust the nation's currency loaned from foreigners and banksters which has no direct commodity backing where the paper version's intrinsic production value has been quoted at a mere 3 cents?


Do you trust a silver currency that is debt-free whose silver content and production cost is more proportioned to the face value which is set adequately higher to stabilize the currency above common fluctuations in precious metal cost, prevent meltings and which acts to limit its issuance when silver corrects?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

(4) Should you depend on a currency that is a high credit or debt instrument favoring the banksters who issue it? This is not to mention the foreign and domestic sponsors who loan it out while it heads for collapse.


Should you depend on a currency that can preserve its buying power and is upward buoyant since silver is destined to soar higher at the dollar apocalypse?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

(5) Do you want an unconstitutional, illegal currency due to its nil precious-metal backing whose issuance is controlled by a constitutionally unauthorized bank association granted power by an abrogating Congress and the deposits of which are allocated within a fractional reserve (musical chairs) banking scheme?


Do you want a legal, precious metal, private currency that is not a mechanism of collusion between politicians and banksters?

If you said yes to the latter arguments, then the proposed Wealthcommon is your more favored currency.

.....Forget the Dollar

Imagine if your employer asked that instead of giving you paychecks, they could give you a cash advance off a company credit card where you would pay the interest. Every subsequent cash advance you got in compensation as wages would automatically deduct a minimum based on the interest of previous cash advances given as pay. Would you agree to that deal? Of course not! Yet, when you accept the current US dollar - you are accepting a note or bill that is basically a collective promise to pay off the interest on a cash advance from the Federal Reserve 'credit card'.

Whenever the politicians need to create easy money to prime the economic pump which helps them spend on otherwise unaffordable pork and spending programs, they too implement the Federal Reserve's cash advance system.

Even with overall economic growth, the more money created to sustain economic circulation is also distributed as a cash advance to the masses!

Endgame for the U.S. Dollar:

A silver or gold currency's intrinsic value is tangible, foundational and inseparable. If the powers at-large want to take advantage of you, then they will implement an unbacked paper and digital currency whose value is based more upon declaration (fiat). Such a currency circulates today that is linked to a national account where they can make secret deals in smoke-filled rooms, spend thrift into debt while appearing to keep financial stability by paying you with more of their unbacked paper and digital ' I.O.U.' money. This is the currency we have today -- Federal Reserve Notes.

The Federal Reserve is akin to a national credit card where every dollar is distributed with interest due, paid back to holders of Treasury Bonds (or securities). Politicians can make vast promises and they gain much power by implementing the unbacked paper and digital money. If the economy falters, there is the temptation to simply print/upload more easy money to keep things rolling. Consequently, as time passes the ratio of actual labor and production to the amount of money in circulation drops. The aggregate interest and debt owed to the backers of the easy money increases and the long-term value of the currency lowers which reflects this collective monetary policy of the nation.

Luckily in the U.S. this monetary cycle has been greatly stretched out, but nonetheless the eventual end is the same for even a wealthy, superpower nation with a good work ethic. America has been vastly drained of vitality from such an unbacked paper and digital money system. And that's not only in economic terms but social terms as well. Unbacked money concentrates easier wealth in the hands of some elites and worsens conditions for the poverty level. The more easily accommodating money supply amplifies the absurd luxuries of elites and their wannabes while cheapening the culture as a whole. Look around at some of the notorious examples of today's lifestyles of affluent depravity and chrome-plated degenerates.

It is obvious why the checks and balances of a precious metal money system drove the writers of the Constitution to demand such a money for the use of the nation.





Visit the links below to learn more about precious metals, alternative currencies, strategic financing and other issues concerning your money.

Remember that as a personal investment commodity, precious metals can include risk as there will be times of volatility, downturns and corrections even in a bull market which will also provide you with great opportunity to the upside. So do the research, mind the trend and weigh risk and incorporate any disclaimers concerning anyone's predictions & opinions. You are responsible in the end for your investment actions. The larger the sum to invest and more intricate the matter, you may want to consider if you should consult some type of trustworthy personal investment advisor who is in business as such with some accredited title and who has good knowledge and track record for the markets you get into.

What qualifies as a lawful currency?

Kitco monitors precious metal markets everyday plus they have loads of information with articles, graphs and links for precious metal investors. They also sell gold/silver coins & bullion.

Swiss America: Buy & sell precious metals with news & commentary. - 'To educate and prepare our clients on how precious metals - in physical form - offer asset protection, security, profit potential, privacy of ownership and peace of mind as well as offset the liabilities of owning other assets.'

GoldMoney is a gold 'bank' that converts paper money to gold and back again in various currencies. Use it just like a bank savings account or you can pay for goods by transferring gold or its equivalent in fiat currency to other users. They now also warehouse silver too.

BullionVault is similar to GoldMoney. - 'BullionVault is the world's largest online investment gold service taking care of $2 billion for more than 70,000 users. It is part-owned by both GBIT and Augmentum Capital.'

SD Bullion is what the doctors ordered. They also sell colloidal silver, survival food and as predicted what will become a form of currency in tough times as well -- ammo. They claim to be the lowest-cost online retailer.

JM Bullion is a precious metal dealer who offers a guarantee of selling at the overall lowest price relative to spot when the same level of shipping and insurance applies for the matching particular goods of their competitor's. This does not apply to any competitor's forward selling.

Provident Metals has a good general selection of bullion and coin in a warehouse-type setting.

APMEX has a vast selection for various coins and bullion. Some are foreign or historic. Look for showcase specials. You may also find novelties and accessories like banknote sets or plastic bullion cases.

Goldline is a buyer and seller of precious metals with some special products and offers. They have price protection for qualifying purchases via Price Shield.

Schiff Gold (formerly Euro Pacific Precious Metals) is the precious metal seller associated with commentator Peter Schiff. They sell only non-numismatics and do not transact online but instead rely on phone orders and seek to sell their inventory at low prices.

Goldmasters is an online seller for gold, silver, palladium and platinum coins and bullion. Notice their shipping charges and their quotes and premiums over spot price.

Sunshine Mint makes bullion products and custom mint designs. Minimum order requirements may apply. Check with them to find out.

Wholesale Coins Direct not only sells precious coins and bullion, but they also sell diamonds and offer insurance and storage through their partners.

Scottsdale Silver has some interesting bars and mintage of their own unique design that you may want to check out.

The Equity Trade Note issued by Dan El Private Estates is a novel way to circulate gold. Since gold is the most malleable metal, it is possible to laminate an "embossed" foil between paper and polymer and then circulate that as true money. Brilliant!

Valaurum too produces a thin foil certificate made of gold called the Aurum\AE. It is sold by Sprott in North America. At time of initial post, it is the smallest physical weight of gold for sale on the world market.

Commodity Discs are silver bullion that have a smart phone code on the back which adds five dollars to the spot price of silver in order to establish a transaction value.

Shire Silver is a commodity currency which uses strips or wires of silver or gold embedded into a plastic card which denotes the weight.

Liberty Dollar silver and gold rounds began circulation by an organization formerly known as NORFED (Nat'l Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve). Despite a kangaroo court effort to have them extinguished, it has returned as a precious metal cryptocurrency.

Northwest Territorial Mint sold gold and silver coins plus bullion. They did custom minting as well. Very sad they went out of business but their dies were purchased by Medalcraft Mint.

Bitcoin is a grassroots, decentralized cryptocurrency. Its supply is controlled by digital "mining" and its value maintained by inherent scarcity, usefulness and real-world supply and demand.

American Bullion specializes in transferring typical IRAs into the gold and silver variety.

Goldseek is an investor-oriented site that relays all kinds of information about the gold market. For silver there is Silverseek.

The Bullion Desk and 321Gold offer similar links, information and charts like Goldseek and Kitco plus some of their own unique contributions and different sources to visit.

Antarctica Dollars are a collector issue on polymer paper. They are exchangeable for U.S. dollars and have been sent to Antarctica.

MoneyArt is an artist's site depicting the look of imaginary but convincing currencies - some with a social commentary.

Barter News illustrates the advantages of using barter perhaps in the form of business scrip or "company money".

List of Community Currencies in the U.S. has a good number of entries but many are inactive.

Economic Collapse Blog points out the Bancor as the IMF's world unitary, fiat currency originally named and proposed by John Maynard Keynes and its function will be that of a global version of the Federal Reserve.

Dollar Collapse is a site managed by a co-author of a book on the same topic.

Shadow Government Statistics illustrates that what the government tells us about the economic indicators and any justifications for our monetary policy are pure bunk. See what our true unemployment, inflation and other figures are as opposed to the quotes based on the "inventive" government formulas.

Coinflation demonstrates how low the value of our clad coins is to the face value minted on them. Historic dimes, nickels and quarters are quoted according to the value of precious and commodity metals they once held. The comparison shows how our money has been debased and the loss of purchasing power of today's dollars.

Bank Implode monitors the banks to see which ones are in threat of collapse. Is your bank really safe enough to keep your money there?

Get a quote of the current national debt and a breakdown of how Congress spends revenue department-by-department. Interest payments, dollar value and various links to solutions and activist sights on the national debt are available.

This is a site for the Bureau of the Fiscal Service formerly the Bureau of the Public Debt - an agency of the U.S. Treasury. Therein resides federal government financial services and reports plus the selling of treasuries and bonds. Site contained a link to the daily tally of the national debt down to the penny but its RSS feed didn't appear to work for the visit of this post.

Austrian economics should be studied and pursued. Learn about its attributes and principles and how it came into being. Comparisons are made to other schools of economic thought. Note the section on inflation and its causes and effects.

Cryptostashed is a site about various cryptocurrencies.

Mexican Civic Association For Silver makes the case for the Mexican banks to circulate silver in the national interest. Silver is a Mexican resource and has had a significant role in its history.

GATA which stands for Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee was formed to expose and take court action against large institutions who they suspect flood markets with gold in order to illegally suppress the price.

FairTax advocates an end to the abusive and burdensome income tax and to the I.R.S. After checkout, the cost of new retail items is nearly the same as when they rung up during the income tax era; however, one's paycheck no longer deducts federal withholding.

The Street is an all-around market and economic resource for all types of investors and business interests.

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